An indomitable icon of queer culture, Harris Glenn Milstead, better known by his stage name, Divine, was a trailblazing performer whose alter ego was rude, raunchy and outrageous: a joyously self-determined, deeply liberating figure.

One of the most recognizable and celebrated counterculture artists, Divine performed mainly female roles in numerous films, most notably those of John Waters including Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Polyester and Hairspray. An irreverent symbol of brash, bold wit and in-your-face humor, Divine was also a nightlife fixture and commanded the stage in theatrical productions such as The Neon Woman.

Divine also had a successful music career with international hit singles like "You Think You're A Man", "I'm So Beautiful" and "Walk Like A Man", all of which were performed as his female drag persona. He is widely viewed as a hero in both gay and punk culture, as well as one of the most significant drag queens of all time, People magazine described Divine as the "Drag Queen of the Century".

Divine died in his sleep in 1988 of an enlarged heart in Los Angeles, California.

The voice of a generation and an unshakeable champion of queer rights, Divine still represents an inspirational figure in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Photos: Chris Callis / Clay Geerdes / Greg Gorman

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